Luxury, Retail, or Otherwise… Looks Count – Job Postings too.

Note: There’s a link to some jobs at the bottom of the post.

Last week, our Luxury and Retail Club had an event at the Mason School of Business. The event was titled “Looks Count – A Presentation on Professional Dress for Men and Women”. Here’s how we described the event:

MBA students are at turning points in their professional careers where getting a job is not just about GPA’s, work experience, and networking. How you dress has an important role to play in making the best impression on employers.

The Luxury and Retail Club at the Mason School of Business invites you to a presentation on how to use dress and appearance as tools to getting that next interview or promotion. More importantly the presentation will address the problem of building a wardrobe on a limited budget.

This event is open to men and women in the Mason community. Our partner for the event is a renowned brand founded in 1818. As “Makers and Merchants” of fine clothing for over 190 years, this brand isn’t just a provider of fine merchandise, but a purveyor of sound advice. Gifts will be provided for all attendees. MBAs who attend will be entered into raffles for free merchandise.

Come get some free stuff while learning about how to dress up on a budget. See you at 1pm on 4/26/12 in Room 1008 of Miller Hall at the Mason School of Business.

By now, you probably know that the mysterious partner for the event was Brooks Brothers. It was an awesome event that drew around fifty people (great for an MBA program that has roughly 200 students).

Here’s the funny electronic poster we put up on informational screens around the building:

Marketing our event to MBAs who already had lots to do

We had two people from our local Brooks Brothers mens and women’s stores to come in and talk to us about how to prepare for wardrobes for internships, fulltime jobs, and interviews. Here are some more pictures:

Glen Carter (Brooks Brothers) talks about how easy it is to start a functional wardrobe with few items

Jaclyn Newman (Brooks Brothers) discusses color combinations for professional ladies

The MBA Luxury and Retail Club leadership with Glen Carter (2nd from left) and Jaclyn Newman (3rd from right) of Brooks Brothers

In all, this was a great event because we added some value to our classmates. Brooks Brothers was a great partner for us and we hope to have them do this again in the future.

Here are links to JOBS at Brooks Brothers:

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