The Luxury Doctrine

As I was writing this post, I decided to develop a value list I could reference as I progress in my professional career in luxury. I update this with any profound advice I gain in my experiences.

Definitions of Luxury

  1. Luxury is an enlightened preference for the things that matter to us. It reflects longing and abundance; the past and the future; the material and the insignificant; trend and passe. Luxury is a journey – a continuous pursuit for the better because what we value at different stages of life are in continuous flux. – Edmund Amoye, Lessons in Luxury, May 26, 2014

Customer Focus

  1. Never expose your clients without their permission. They want their privacy protected. You should be much more than a salesperson… you should be an advocate and guardian for your clients. – Edmund Amoye, Lessons in Luxury, 5/2/15
  2. Though the times, cultures, or technologies may change, brands have to become adept at creating tailored experiences for customers with unique desires for connectedness, community, and individuality. It’s less about being something different to everyone and more about being one thing (brand DNA) to everyone, every time, and everywhere. –  Edmund  Amoye, Lessons in Luxury, 1/6/14
  3. If you want to be successful, especially in luxury, you have to think of the customer at all steps in the value chain. –  Edmund  Amoye, Lessons in Luxury, Sometime in 2012
  4. You can’t be everything to everybody. –  Edmund  Amoye, Lessons in Luxury, Sometime in 2012

Career / Personal Branding

  1. Find those environments and business cultures that make you feel good about who you are. Find the people and places that excite your true passions. You won’t go far if you fail to be honest with yourself about who you are and what you believe in. Act like a luxury brand and stand for something. –  Edmund  Amoye, Lessons in Luxury, 2/24/13
  2. “True objectivity. It’s the ultimate luxury” – Chuck Rhoades, BILLIONS S2.E7 46:30 7/14/19


  1. I think connectedness is a human condition that occurs when people share experiences, ideas, and interests. It’s something almost every human being desires in order to make life more meaningful. –  Edmund  Amoye, Lessons in Luxury, 1/6/14

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