About Lessons in Luxury

Hey There!

Thanks for coming to my blog. You could be anywhere on the internet, but you decided to come here.

I started Lessons in Luxury in April, 2011 as an MBA student at the Mason School of Business (The College of William and Mary). As the founder and president of the Luxury and Retail Club at the business school, my goal was to enhance my MBA experience by blogging on trends, opportunities, and challenges in the luxury segment. Like all things I do, nothing ever follows a straight path. So, sometimes I zig and and zag, building my knowledge and skills with every single experience.

Today (meaning October, 2016), I blog on everything that spends too much time in my head so I can make room for other thoughts. I never changed the name of the blog (and probably won’t).

I’m on an extraordinary journey of growth and transformation. Hope it helps you in some way. Thanks for reading and please do what makes you happy. Life is too short to waste on meeting the expectations of others.

Best Regards,

Edmund Amoye

PS: Opinions on this blog are mine alone and do not represent those of any brands I represent. Everyone needs a creative outlet, and this is mine.


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