#HBSRLGC – Day 2: Max Azria

Two Crazy Guys - Max Azria (Founder, Designer, Chairman and CEO, BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP) and Edmund Amoye (LuxRe Club, Mason School of Business)

On day two (Sunday 4/15/12) at the Harvard Business School Retail and Luxury Goods Conference (HBSRLGC), we kicked off the day with breakfast, which was not attended by yours truly.

I was having too much fun walking around Boston... literally.

However, my day was off to a a memorable start with the second keynote address by Max Azria – Founder, Designer, Chairman and CEO, BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP. This is a man I have always admired for his perspective on fashion – and have respected for his vision with the Herve Leger brand. Meeting the man was something I wasn’t expecting and the HBSRLGC helped me do that. I tweeted so much at this conference that I’m just going to use my tweets document my experience. Enjoy.

I enjoyed hearing Max say that you have to be crazy to succeed. I have heard that so many times now that I know it is true. I am sure Max could have used other words to describe this prerequisite, but how do you describe a guy who quits school in his teens to start a fashion line? After the 18 year old spend hours with a bank manager for a $10M loan to bankroll his dream, the bank manager confirmed he was “craziness”. However, that bank manager was crazier – he loaned him the money.

4 thoughts on “#HBSRLGC – Day 2: Max Azria

    • Ally,
      Thanks for the comment. You should definitely try to attend the HBSRLGC next year. This link will take you to other posts on my blog about last years conference where I met Steve Sadove, Tetsuya O’Hara, Tommy Hilfiger, and William Lauder. Follow the conference on twitter @HBSRLGC and search the hashtag #HBSRLGC for all the conversation. Watch out for more posts about my time in Boston. Thanks for reading my blog. I will check yours out.

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