Pictures from NYC: Part 2

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I have successfully completed the 30-day Challenge. I am really proud of the fact that, with exception of a few days where things were beyond my control, I was able to write a blog post every single day, for 30 days. Now that I am done, I’ll slow down just a tad to work on some other projects I have. Now on to more pictures from NYC.

On Nov. 30, 2012, I took another trip to NYC. This time it was with a class of W&M MBA students in the Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship CAM (Career Acceleration Module; a seven-week immersive academic specialization). CAM sounds funny, but just go with it. Anyways, I had another swell time delving deeper into real estate in a city where you can literally walk through billions of dollars worth of properties in a few blocks (depends on what street you are on). I have posted some pictures below. You’ll find pictures of NYC views from Weehawken, NJ; Manhattan views from the Time Warner building; an odd cat-dog sculpture; Times Square; and some exquisite Botero sculptures at the Time Warner center.

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