Pictures from NYC: Part 1

30-day Challenge – Day 30

In the past two months, I have been to New York City twice. In fact, the first time I was in NYC was when I interviewed the CEO of Saks for this blog. The second time I went up to the “big apple”, I was with my classmates from the Real Estate CAM (Career Acceleration Module) at the Mason School of Business.

In a previous post, I had promised to talk to you about my experiences in NYC, and now I am “making good” on that promise. I’ll start with my October 2012 trip.

One of the fondest memories I have of NYC are the magnificent landmarks and buildings. Many call it a concrete jungle, but I think NYC is a great place to build a career. Its full of tough, competitive people and I like those kinds of environments. For some, it may be too competitive, but I think NYC streets are microcosm of life.

While I was navigating my way from 34th street to the Saks HQ on 49th street, I had the fortune to run into the Columbus Day parade – and I took pictures. I also took pictures of some great NY real estate – notice the luxury brands and the famous 21 Club. And lastly, I took some pictures of night time commercial activity for counterfeit luxury handbags. Hmmm, could some of the people you see with name-brand stuff be patronizing these street vendors? Enjoy the pictures.

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