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I like this opinion on working outside of the office. In my world, working out of the office does not equate with “working from home” or “hardly working”. My business is greatly based on relationships and face-to-face interaction. Sitting behind a computer screen building models and decks is not the only way to turn revenue.

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Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo (PS I don’t think I’ve been near a Yahoo product in over 5 years – what do they do / make ?), started the home working debate this week when she announced to her employees that the option to “work from home” was being withdrawn.    Others jumped on the band wagon including Alexandra Shulman from Vogue UK all ready to pillory the notion of working away from the office.

But let’s back up.

In the case of Yahoo it looks like “working from home” had become a licence to do NOTHING for the employer who paid their salaries and instead work on personal projects.   It’s important to put Mayer’s pronouncements on working from home into the context of the systemic issues which have conspired to make Yahoo as relevant to digital needs today as dial-up modems.

Shulman weights her remarks to the…

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