Edmund, where have you been?

For a while, I have been asking myself that same question. Well let’s see. Towards the end of my last semester in the MBA program at William and Mary, I got to sit in on an week-long executive level program in retail management. It was probably the best class/course I ever took. Isn’t it ironic that the best and most influential classes in my MBA came at the end of the program? Of course, thats with due respect to all the great professors who I already had in previous terms. Prof. Hess’s course on Customer Experience Management was nothing short of impressive.

After learning with executives from retail giants in South Africa, Sweden, Mexico, and the rest of the world, it was time to graduate. On May 13, 2012, I officially earned those three letters – M.B.A. Lots of people sent me emails of my picture on W&M’s home page; and that really made the day a memorable one.

Reality sets in as Edmund Amoye, MBA 2012 contemplates life after W&M

A few people have asked me what will become of the blog now that I have graduated the MBA program. The answer is I don’t know. I have achieved the goal I wanted when I started this blog – to transition into the luxury industry. I’ll keep thinking on that question. Congrats to all those who graduated from an academic program this past May. You deserve it.

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