Commitment – Staying on Course

There is nothing more deliberate than having a goal. Goals if done the SMART way can really help you develop in every aspect of your life – personally and professionally. The last time I set a goal on this blog, it was the “30-day Challenge“, where I committed to publishing at least one post per day for 30 days. Seems like since then, I let the other aspects of my life (like the intense MBA program at W&M) take over my blogging responsibilities (yes, I do believe I have an obligation to the readers that spend a “click” to come to my part of the blogosphere).

Today, I am making another commitment – longer than 30 days, but less punishing in frequency. I am going to publish one post per week for the next three months. I call it the Post Per Week challenge (lets call it the PPW Challenge). Later today, I’ll publish the first PPW post. Here’s a peek at what I am thinking for the post.

This semester, I’m taking a couple of graduate courses that have enhanced my understanding of the various news pieces I read regarding the luxury market. Here’s a list of some of my luxe-related classes:

  • BUAD590 – Global Competitive Strategy
  • BUAD595 – Real Estate Management & Entrepreneurship
  • BUAD595 – Customer Experience Management

I think it would be a great learning experience to publish luxe-themed material in the context of what I am learning in these classes. I already started that with recent posts like Fair and Square at JCPenney, but I want to make a conscious habit of doing that from now on. Check the blog out later today… I don’t know exactly when I’ll put it up, but you should know that I’m committed.

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