What do LVMH and L’Oréal Have in Common with Google, KPMG, and Deutsche Bank?

BusinessWeek published the results of a survey from Stockholm-based research firm Universum. The company asks more than 160,000 business and engineering students in the biggest markets, from Brazil to China to the U.S., to identify what they regard as top employers. Guess which luxury brands were ranked.


Headquarters: Paris
Employees: 83,542
Industry: Luxury Goods
2011 Rank (2010 Rank)
Business: 27 (39)
Engineering: NR (NR)

From Louis Vuitton to Tag Heuer to Moët & Chandon, LVMH (MC:FP) defines luxury across 60 brands, 2,500 stores, and more than 80,000 employees. The company offers training, talent development, and opportunities for internal mobility.


Headquarters: Paris
Employees: 64,643
Industry: Cosmetics
2011 Rank (2010 Rank)
Business: 13 (11)
Engineering: 22 (29)

New employees at French cosmetics, beauty products, and perfume company L’Oréal (OR:FP) are tracked into the L’Oréal FIT program, a two-year, personalized program for starting a career at the company, which emphasizes development. Each year, 4,500 employees shift positions within L’Oréal, according to its website.

Top properties of the best employers include: flexible work options, great benefits, mentoring. To get more specific, check out The American MBA Survey from the same company. The MBA survey ranks the attractiveness of US employers amongst MBA students.

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