Connecting the Dots – Social Media and Luxury Brands

30-Day Challenge – Day 2

On my way to school this morning, I had a conversation with one of my classmates about the thin line bloggers and social media publishers straddle between overuse and underutilization of the social media apparatus. Since starting this blog, my objective has developed from just gaining exposure to the luxury goods and services segments, to making connections with people that have similar interests. I’m not worried about how many followers I have (make no mistake I am thankful for my handful); how many facebook “likes” I get; or how many people choose to comment on my posts. I am more interested in the discovery of other publishers, consumers, and readers who have an iota of perspective on the topics I discuss. Continue reading


Digital Marketing: “Apping It Up”

30-Day Challenge #1

I said I would have my first post in 24 hours, but I couldn’t hold the excitement of my first entry in the 30-day challenge.

While rummaging through my ever-thinking cerebrum for something to write, I found it difficult to focus on just one particular topic. I am interested in a lot of things, so why should I have to limit my posts to just one story or event in the world of high-end goods and services.

I decided to write on themes that are taking place in the luxury and retail space. Today’s theme is a pretty nebulous one: social media and digital marketing in the luxre (a pun resembling the offspring of luxury and retail; and also the name of my club at W&M ) space. Continue reading

A Chat with Steve Sadove, CEO of Saks, Inc.

Edmund Amoye with Steve Sadove (right) at HBS - 04/2011

Since assuming the leadership role at the Luxury and Retail Club at the Mason School of Business, I have had the opportunity to network with executives from different segments of the luxury and retail industry. My most meaningful encounter occurred in April, 2011 when I met Steve Sadove, CEO at Saks, Inc. at the annual Retail and Luxury Conference at Harvard Business School. I kept in touch with him over the summer, and last month (Oct. 2011), Mr. Sadove (SS) spoke to me (EA) in his New York office about leadership, his company and industry, customer trends, career opportunities, and the job of CEO at a company with a market capitalization of about $1.7B (11/7/11). Below are excerpts from our conversation. Continue reading

Resource – Digital Strategies for Luxury Brands

Here is an interesting slideshow I found about how you can leverage digitized strategies for luxury brands. Enjoy…

2011 HBS Luxury and Retail Conference: E-Commerce Panel

From Evernote:

The “Innovations in E-Commerce” panel at the  HBS Luxury and Retail conference gave me some new things to things to think about. In particular how can we fully leverage the power of the internet for the good of the retail consumer? As you will see in the panel description below (or on the website), MBAs have a lot of opportunity to put their skills to work.

Today’s shopper spends more time than ever before behind a computer screen and over the past fifteen years, Retailers have invested substantial resources into cultivating their internet strategies. This panel will explore cutting-edge tactics and tools for creating the most compelling experiences in online Retail. Our panelists, ranging from digital media specialists to key Retail brand representatives, will also dig into the future of e-commerce and the startling online opportunities that await us. Continue reading