Why Local Commerce MAY OR MAY NOT Be Larger Than E-Commerce in The Next Decade

Why Local Commerce Will Be Larger Than E-Commerce For The Next Decade, An Analysis | TechCrunch.

My View: This article makes subjective arguments that could simply be what Mike Ghaffary wants. In my view, the consideration for the power of technology could change the answer to this constant question in retail. If the right relational models are developed for technology to translate the current reality, I think it is highly possible to see a greater attrition in brick and mortar stores.

I also think this move will occur faster in the highest end of the luxury segment, where brand equity with consumers may not require them to go through the the prevalent thought processes (price comparisons, show rooming, etc) associated with buying other commoditized goods and services.

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2 responses to “Why Local Commerce MAY OR MAY NOT Be Larger Than E-Commerce in The Next Decade”

  1. Allen Slade (@allenslade) says :

    The type of product would seem to be pivotal. Commodities will be sold based on price and convenience, so digital storefronts may win. Luxuries will be sold on brand and relationship, so brick and mortar may win.

  2. Edmund Amoye says :

    Dr. Slade,

    Thank you for the comment.

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